Ever since my haircut, I've been fantasizing about headbands and headscarves and whatever else I can put on my hair to look extra cute. It's a huge departure from my normal hairdo which is pretty much however it wants to sit at any particular day, and it's exciting!

I got this headband on a recent shopping trip, and decided to change my outfit as soon as I got home so I could wear it. Ridic, I know, but I had to know if I had the balls to wear it in public or not. Well, midway during the drive to dinner, it started raining like crazy, and I had to take my headband off because I didn't want to arrive at the restaurant, which was a walk away from where we parked, with wet hair AND a giant soggy headband. BUT I WORE IT IN THIS OUTFIT SO IT COUNTS. 


Dinner was pizza and beer from Pie Guy on the Grove. We love their pizza. I usually go for whatever veggie option they have, and B gets a couple of meat options. We headed over next door to get drinks for our pizza and I had Brick River Cider for the first time, and OMG was it delish. In fact, I've been thinking about that cider since!

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