Minis and a Biggie

I was super thrilled to get a custom order for itty bitty versions of my octopus bowl and panda mug. It was so much fun making these that I'm contemplating adding them to my regular assortment. The biggest challenge for this order was carving out the details on the waves, especially on the inside center of the bowl and the tiny tentacle suction cups.

I loved how the panda cup turned out so much that I made a few extra and sell them as espresso cups. Of course, I'm already working on other animals to make into espresso cups :) 

I've also been trying my hand at bigger stuff. And this panda planter is my first attempt at handbuilding something larger than two sticks of butter. How darling does this set up look? I debuted this design at the Strawberry Swing in KC and they sold out! I guess that means bigger planters are a yay!

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