Haulternative: Thrift Finds 12.2019

The thrift has been slow for me these days. Why?
1. I haven't felt like it. 
2. I only go thrifting when I know there's going to be a sale, which usually coincides when I have a show to vend at. 

There's also a third reason which is that I only really have a few places I like to thrift. I am not the type of thrifter who finds pleasure in digging through mounds and piles (I've already been traumatized by needles and broken glass), and I honestly don't enjoy disorganized rows upon rows of stuff. I guess on a subconcious level, seeing all that mess is a sort of reprimand on my conscience of how much waste we as a society easily part with. So I prefer to shop at a handful of organized, you could even say "curated" thrift stores. The downside of those types of shops is that their selection isn't too exciting or that they're a lot of times more expensive than their "less organized" counterparts. 

A few days back, I did manage to visit one of my former haunts (when I still worked at that side of town and would spend my lunch hour stress shopping) and came out with three items after an hour of perusing and trying stuff on. 

First up is this fresh AF short sleeve shirt with lemon print. 

I mean, LOVE. I've already bemoaned Midwest summers since I moved to the Midwest, but it's really only in the last couple of years that I'm learning how to cope aka learned how to dress. I will most likely wear this shirt tied in the front and paired with a maxi skirt or loose culottes. 

Next up, I found this super cute and cozy tunic that I am going to be wearing non-stop this winter-- I can already assure you that. Paired with tights, it's going to be the easiest outfit for working in my studio then turning around to go out and run errands in. I particularly love the variation in stripe direction that gives the piece more visual interest and suggestion of dynamic movement. To me, it has the vibe of gymming but on the couch. 

Finally, I picked up this utility jacket. B has already given me an earful about hogging the coat closet (I will admit he's right) but I couldn't pass up on this piece. It's got some sort of color patchiness going on with it, which I suspect is a washing accident, but despite that I still am charmed because it fits amazingly and has all these extra bits of stitching, pockets, and zips that you usually see in trendy moto jackets, but this one is cotton! So it'll definitely toughen up a simple jeans with a tee outfit. 

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