It's a Makeup Re-awakening!

I've been loving on the snow so much this past week, so it was only a matter of time before it would rear its miserably cruel face and sneer at my pleasure. Car packed with packages and full intent to stop by the gym afterwards, I found myself stuck in front of my house as the wheels of my vehicle ran round and round in place. I tried several times to dislodge myself, but then decided it was wiser to relent and return to the cozy of my home. So Netflix it was, and it was there where I got sucked in to "Glow Up" a makeup competition set in the UK (so I was even more enamored because accents!). 

Five eps in, I enthusiastically dug through the cabinets in my bathroom for all the makeup I had stashed away just in case I had the occasion to put on makeup (which I never seem to find or make time for). Then, a couple eps later, here we are with a peacock eye and violet lip. 

I'll admit, I'm a lot rusty and even dated when it comes to blending, and I'm not even going pretend I know how to use highlighter or contour. But I'm filled with glee to know that I can still put color on my eyes with relative competence. Going through my makeup has given me the opportunity to chuck out expired cosmetics (that's what happens when you stop wearing a full face) That said, I'm now on a mission to find a few non-conventional lip colors that I'll wear a. when I'm doing shows, or more realistically b. when I stop by the post office to drop off mail. 

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