Plastic Update: Hair :: Dry Shampoo

I'm proud to state that I only have a few plastic-packaged products that I use for my hair. Here's the original post of my plastic purge from 2018.  I've been using LUSH shampoo bars for over a year now. I keep them in a reusable container in the shower to make them last longer. Conditioner-wise, I use LUSH bars in the summer and I currently am finishing up a bottle of liquid conditioner (packaged in plastic) I picked up because my hair really needed a deep condioning. Downside is the plastic packaging, but upside is that since my hair is so short, I won't be needing to pick up another bottle for a very long time. 

The only other hair product I use is this dry shampoo from VERB which does come in a recyclable plastic container and is excellent. I've had this bottle for months now, and I still have a fair amount left-- enough to last me possibly through the first half of next year. What I love about this product is that it's a powder that I squeeze-poof into my scalp. No aerosol spraying! 

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