Studio Shopping

Same pants and bag, different everything else. This is what I changed into as soon as I had the chance to replace my "lightweight" and cute AF sweater that I wish I could have worn for more than 2.5 hours. But I still had errands to run and I needed to be comfy while picking out furniture and storage for my studio. It's always a nightmare (for me) to go to Ikea (because lots of people) but at the end I picked out lots of stuff that's gonna be so useful in getting my studio organized. I have a few more pieces I need to acquire before it's time to move stuff around and reset my work space, but it's getting there!

Everything in my outfit is old. Joggers are from Lou & Grey, Top is from a brand called Suijo and is thrifted. Leopard cardi is a Phillip Lim that I got secondhand from PM. Crossbody is from Coach, and leather slip ons are thrifted. 

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