Wearable Bold

Two days of wearing makeup? What? 

I completely forgot that I had a dinner to go which served as the perfect excuse to wear makeup. Usually I plan outfits around events and go sans anything on my face, but since I'm still on a cosmetic high, I had makeup in mind before even picking my clothes. Weird, I know.

For my face, I really wanted to do something bold but still wearable. So I went for a winged eye in red and black. I swear there is red in there but my monolids covered it all up when I smile. But whoever saw me blink for sure  saw the red. I'm still desperately lacking in the lip department because I went through a mega purge months ago and threw out a lot of lippies that were definitely expired and only kept those I knew I was going to wear, which (at the time) meant raspberries and reds. 

Here is the outfit I ended up going with. I knew I wanted to wear something that felt "tough" but I'm also feeling a lot of flowy things lately. The beginning of the season has been a little rough on me and I haven't been able to stop the scale from creeping up. Not like I haven't stopped treating myself to sweets and chips... In any case, I'm really embracing flowier pieces and picked out this custom Sennit and Sauvage top and paired it with this thrifted tiered skirt that makes me feel like a cake. Stompy boots (old from Sole Society) and a furry crossbody (old from Japan) complete the look. 

I also managed to bake some of these pumpkin "scones" yesterday because I really wanted to warm up the kitchen and fill it with some smells. I can't believe it's been 7 years since I "created" this recipe. I remember being in a huge scone kick at the time and I just wanted to make something with pumpkin in it. Upon remake, I'm not sure I like these as they are anymore. I'm definitely inspired to tweak them -- maybe change how I add the butter, maybe add more spices, maybe change up the sugar-- I don't know just yet, but it's going to happen. 

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