Hey there! I'm Laura.

Welcome to my little blog. I've managed to keep it *somewhat* alive and active since 2010. I started blogging as a sort of creative outlet and stress reliever during grad school, and since then, it and I have evolved. 

My blog is primarily about my personal style which has always been something I've felt passionate about. Through the blog, I've been able to share and connect with other bloggers and cultivate my own style. I've also, most importantly, learned the value of quality over quantity through challenges and culls and now keep a manageable sized closet of pieces that fit well and give me joy. 

In May 2019, I left a corporate job to pursue a small business of cute, handmade ceramics. Scary? Yes. But also thrilling and definitely challenging! That move has definitely changed the way I dress especially because I need outfits that allow a wider range of motion as well as ultra comfort. 

In the last year, I have also become extremely invested in pursuing a plastic-free, low-waste lifestyle. I'm hoping the blog will continue to be an outlet as well as a motivation for me to share tips and experiments.

Thanks for reading! Hope you visit again soon. 

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